Better late than never…

It only took me five years to realize that I never actually wrote an introduction for this lovely book blog of mine! I could hardly believe it myself, despite not recalling ever doing so, so I searched through my first few months of posts and came up short. So, as I am oft to overuse, … Continue reading Better late than never…


Site Redesign

To start off this new year I am going to redesign my blog. This basically just means that I am going to change the graphics and theme of it. I have already started with the layout, and will slowly start redesigning headers and such. I apologize if everything looks wonky for awhile.

Exploring My Books Update

Exploring my books is my favorite book meme, in which I participate. It gives me a chance to fawn over and share the beautiful (and sometimes ugly), pristine (and sometimes falling apart), and wonderful (occasionally awful) books I own. This meme is hosted by Addlepates and Bookworms who still seems to be on her vacation/hiatus. Until she returns … Continue reading Exploring My Books Update