Exploring My Books: Inspiring

AS I AM NOW CO-HOSTING EXPLORING MY BOOKS WITH ADDLEPATES AND BOOK NERDS, OUR TOPIC THIS WEEK IS A BOOK That Inspires Me There are many books that have inspired me throughout my life, most notably is Harry Potter, but I tend to write about that life-changing series quite often. There have been a couple books more recently that … Continue reading Exploring My Books: Inspiring


Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation Bill Nye "The Science Guy" "Sparked by a provocative comment to BigThink.com last fall, and fueled by a highly controversial debate with Creation Museum curator Ken Ham, Bill Nye's campaign to confront the scientific shortcoming of creationism has exploded in just a few months into a national crusade. In … Continue reading Undeniable

Teaser Tuesday: Undeniable

UNDENIABLE: EVOLUTION AND THE SCIENCE OF CREATION BY BILL NYE "The yearning to know about nature and where or how we fit is deep within all of us. As I learned about evolution and descent by natural selection, the answers fell into place." - pg 1 ch 1 Here are the rules and how to participate in … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Undeniable