Exploring My Books: Fan-fiction?

AS I AM NOW CO-HOSTING EXPLORING MY BOOKS WITH ADDLEPATES AND BOOK NERDS, OUR TOPIC THIS WEEK IS A Book I wrote/want to write Fan-Fiction about. I am not much of a writer. Except for my blog, and what I'm forced to write for classes, I don't write. If I was to write a fan-fiction though, it would … Continue reading Exploring My Books: Fan-fiction?

Kiera Cass: The Selection Series

Honestly, the main thing that lead me to these books were the pretty dresses. The elegance of them made me think of the Luxe series (found here). Being a sucker for pretty dresses, I purchased the first book. While not intellectually stimulating, these novels were addicting. As a background for all three books, it is … Continue reading Kiera Cass: The Selection Series