Vampire Academy Series

Richelle Mead So the reason I haven't been posting blogs recently is because I've been caught up in reading the Vampire Academy Series again. This series consists of six books titled, "Vampire Academy," "Frost Bite," "Shadow Kiss," "Blood Promise," "Spirit Bound," and "Last Sacrifice." I believe this is the third time that I've read the … Continue reading Vampire Academy Series

The end of my unannounced hiatus.

Because of the end of the school year, adjusting to being home for the summer, and the starting of my summer class, I became extremely lazy and took an unintentional hiatus from both reading and blogging. Over the next few days I will post reviews of the two books I have read this summer "The … Continue reading The end of my unannounced hiatus.

Korean TV Dramas

This past year I've discovered the magical world of Korean television through Netflix. I've always had a fascination in Asian cultures. Before this i 'got my fix' by reading manga and watching a couple anime online, but that all changed once I started the first Korean drama last semester. Besides being adorable and such, I … Continue reading Korean TV Dramas

Fifty Shades Darker

E. L. James I have to admit that this sequel was better than the original. The first book focused primarily on sex and emotion and new experiences, while the second book has all these things it also has something that is important in the world of literature, a plot. I enjoyed this novel much more … Continue reading Fifty Shades Darker