W…W…W…Wednesday…November 2nd

While I didn't finish many books this past week, I did start a couple more. After finishing an awful historical romance last week, I started another one that seems to be much better, at least so far. Additionally, I started the audiobook for A Torch Against the Night ( I love the narrators of this … Continue reading W…W…W…Wednesday…November 2nd

October 2016

Gah! Another month has flown by, it is crazy to think that there are only 2 months left in 2016 (thank God!). This has been a crazy year so far. In the month of October, I read 7 books, my   favorite of which was Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. It was such … Continue reading October 2016

A Lady Never Tells

A Lady Never Tells Candace Camp " Meet three noble bachelors and a quartet of American girls of questionable manners! New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp delights with an exciting new series featuring love, laughter, and intrigue. When Mary Bascombe’s stepfather tries to sell her and her sisters to  the highest bidder after their mother’s … Continue reading A Lady Never Tells

Teaser Tuesday: A Lady Never Tells

A Lady Never Tells By Candace Camp "Mary Bascombe was scared. She had been frightened before- one could not have grown up in a new and dangerous land and not have faced something that set one's heart to beating double-time."  - pg 1, chapter 1 A Lady Never Tells BY Candace Camp From Goodreads:  "Meet three noble bachelors and … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: A Lady Never Tells