Top Ten 2016 Resolutions

This year I have made quite a few resolutions, most of them having to do with reading and blogging. Here are my Top Ten 2016 Resolutions. Read 100 books Last year my Goodread's reading goal was 75, and I surpassed it by reading 136 books. This year, even though I know I will be busier, … Continue reading Top Ten 2016 Resolutions

Towering Bookstacks

On many of the book blogs I follow they have a features that shares the new books, or new to them books, that they have acquired that week or month. I want to participate, but these past few months I bought too many books to note. While I believe there is no such thing as … Continue reading Towering Bookstacks

Top Ten Books I Had to Buy, But Are Still Sitting On My Bookshelf

While looking through The Broke and Bookish's previous top tens I came across this fun topic. As a major book collector (as in I keep any book I can get my hands on) this is an excellent first top ten post for me. So the below books I purchased myself, yet never got around to … Continue reading Top Ten Books I Had to Buy, But Are Still Sitting On My Bookshelf

New Years Resolutions… only a little bit late.

As an avid reader, I have participated in the goodreads reading challenge for the past three years. This year will be no different. Like last year, I am endeavouring to read 75 books again. Having the exact same challenge bored me, so I decided to participate in another challenge that will diversify what I read … Continue reading New Years Resolutions… only a little bit late.

2014 in Review

So I unfortunately did not blog as much as I said I would, and there are many books I read that I wanted to write about, but my laziness got the best of me. After seeing the post "The Ultimate Wrap-Up of 2014" by DreamlandBookBlog, I was inspired to wrap-up and break down what I … Continue reading 2014 in Review

John Green: TFIOS, Will Grayson & Katherines

I knew about John Green way before I heard about his novels. In college, during some down time I would be looking through the website Upworthy and would come across one of John Green's vlogs. They are simply amazing. I admired this man for his drive to educate the ignorant on issues they didn't know … Continue reading John Green: TFIOS, Will Grayson & Katherines

A Countess Below Stairs

Eva Ibbotson So lately I've been on a historical romance kick, it seems to be all that I've read in the past month. Most of the books I've read have been quick trashy, some more than others, romances based in 1800s England. They were decent enough stories but unworthy of being written about. When I … Continue reading A Countess Below Stairs