Bella and the Beast

Bella and the Beast Olivia Drake "Bella Jones' father, Sir Seymour Jones, was an explorer/adventurer who revealed to her on his deathbed that the late Duke of Aylwin, whom he helped inquire antiquities in Egypt, had promised him half of a pharaoh's treasure. However, Bella must find the map to the hidden trove to prevent … Continue reading Bella and the Beast

July 2016

July was filled with historical romances (like most months), but I did manage to read a couple other books as well. In total, I finished 11 books and DNF 1. So, I'm totally the month of July at 12. Outside of reading, the month was pretty empty. I didn't do too much. These are the … Continue reading July 2016

W…W…W…Wednesday… July 13th

I've just decided to ban myself from requesting ARCs! I am drowning in eARCs from Netgalley and I can't seem to see the surface! I have so many that have archived already, that I feel like a horrible person for putting them off. Aside from this declaration, this past week was pretty lax. I ran … Continue reading W…W…W…Wednesday… July 13th

W…W…W…Wednesday… July 6th

This past week was filled with family outings to celebrate Independence Day, like 61% of Americans I went to a BBQ on the 4th, and saw a concert and overcast fireworks on the 3rd.  I did have a lot of time to read on Saturday! I finished a romance novel, a how-to-draw book, and a … Continue reading W…W…W…Wednesday… July 6th

Teaser Tuesday: Bella and the Beast

BELLA AND THE BEAST BY OLIVIA DRAKE "Since issuing her ultimatum to him the previous evening, she had not encountered him anywhere in the house. Perhaps that was only to be expected. He'd been agreeable to her request that they behave as if the passionate interlude had never occurred."- 66%, chapter 19 Bella and the Beast BY … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Bella and the Beast