Exploring My Books: Book Buddies

WHILE USUALLY THE TOPIC OF THE WEEK COMES FROM ADDLEPATES AND BOOKWORMS, AS SHE SEEMS TO BE ON HIATUS, I'VE COME UP WITH MY OWN TOPIC, WHICH are MY Book Buddies I feel that you are not a true book lover until you have trinkets, stuffed animals, and/or statuettes guarding your precious books from evil doers. To protect … Continue reading Exploring My Books: Book Buddies


Becca Fitzpatrick Like Hush Hush, I've read Crescendo before, and like Hush Hush, I had completely forgotten how the story went. Besides remembering the plot, when rereading this book I realized that the author has a unique style to her writing. She took the time to tell exactly what the character was wearing and why … Continue reading Crescendo