2018 at last

Sorry for the hiatus, I tend to unintentionally have those on this blog. This time it was due to the fact that I am in a major book slump. The last review I posted (on November 30th) was the last book I've read... Hopefully, I get over it soon though! To recap 2017, I failed … Continue reading 2018 at last


Better late than never…

It only took me five years to realize that I never actually wrote an introduction for this lovely book blog of mine! I could hardly believe it myself, despite not recalling ever doing so, so I searched through my first few months of posts and came up short. So, as I am oft to overuse, … Continue reading Better late than never…

2016 Recap

This past year was full of triumphs and disappointments. It was a relatively decent year if you take out politics. I managed to surpass my reading challenge this year by 11 books, but unfortunately did not complete the SugarPop reading challenge. You can check out how far I made it here. Below are the 111 … Continue reading 2016 Recap


Site Redesign

To start off this new year I am going to redesign my blog. This basically just means that I am going to change the graphics and theme of it. I have already started with the layout, and will slowly start redesigning headers and such. I apologize if everything looks wonky for awhile.


Meme Update: Exploring My Books, Teaser Tuesday, Top Ten Tuesday, & WWWW

Two things started to occur in December, one was my decrease in desire to blog, and the other was my lacking enthusiasm for the memes I have been participating in for the past year. My obvious conclusion to these events is to put all meme participation on hiatus so that I can focus more on … Continue reading Meme Update: Exploring My Books, Teaser Tuesday, Top Ten Tuesday, & WWWW


Update on Exploring My Books

For a while now, Victoria at Addlepates and Bookworms and I had been co-hosting Exploring My Books. Recently she has decided to step away from book blogging and change her focus. While I am happy she is living life the way she wants to, it means I will be doing Exploring My Books alone from … Continue reading Update on Exploring My Books


October 2016

Gah! Another month has flown by, it is crazy to think that there are only 2 months left in 2016 (thank God!). This has been a crazy year so far. In the month of October, I read 7 books, my   favorite of which was Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. It was such … Continue reading October 2016