Korean TV Dramas: Part 2

In the past I wrote about a few Korean Dramas I enjoyed (which you can find here). Since that post, written over a year and a half ago, I have watched many more dramas. These dramas require a lot of reading on my part and rightly deserve a place in this blog. Below are some … Continue reading Korean TV Dramas: Part 2

Trinkets and Décor: My Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop, Trinkets and Décor, came to be after I was given a load of vintage jewelry that had belong to my great-aunt. When she passed away, my grandma came to possess the hidden jewels. Since she did not wear much jewelry and a lot of it did not suit her tastes, the jewelry … Continue reading Trinkets and Décor: My Etsy Shop


I’ve begun to realize that the places I’ve read about in novels like The Hunger Games and Divergent are not that much of an exaggeration of today’s society. I honestly believe that we are headed in these destructive directions. The book The Hunger Games describes communities full of people just trying to get by. That … Continue reading Dystopia

Korean TV Dramas

This past year I've discovered the magical world of Korean television through Netflix. I've always had a fascination in Asian cultures. Before this i 'got my fix' by reading manga and watching a couple anime online, but that all changed once I started the first Korean drama last semester. Besides being adorable and such, I … Continue reading Korean TV Dramas

College: Traditional or Online?

Personally I believe traditional college education to be more beneficial to students you come directly from high school, like I did. At that age these students adjust much more easily to the college environment. Being a traditional college student I was able to make friends and adjust to living without my family easily because of … Continue reading College: Traditional or Online?

The Internet in 10 years!

Nowadays the internet is used everyday, even when you don't even realize it. Pretty much any new technology that comes out is synced into the internet! While it is intriguing and interesting that everything can be connected, it is also scary because of how easy it is today to hack into someone's accounts and take … Continue reading The Internet in 10 years!