Korean Dramas: Recently Finished

To switch things up, and because I don't have any reviews to post at the moment, I decided to share some Korean dramas that I finished watching recently. All of these dramas came out this year on various Korean channels, and they are all adorable. Note: All images and titles link to where you can … Continue reading Korean Dramas: Recently Finished


Follow-up on LibraryThing

So I ended up purchasing a lifetime subscription to LibraryThing in February but then I was unable to do much of anything with it until yesterday. While it is getting a bit tedious (because I have a lot of old books that don't have ISBN numbers), I am enjoying cataloguing my library. I am learning … Continue reading Follow-up on LibraryThing

To LibraryThing or not to LibraryThing, that is the question…

A couple of years ago I went through all of my books, a little over 550 at the time, and created an excel spreadsheet to catalog them. Lately I’ve come across this website called LibraryThing and I’m tempted to try it out. What has me hesitant about trying it out is that I own more … Continue reading To LibraryThing or not to LibraryThing, that is the question…


Alan Rickman

This morning as I was getting together my lunch bag, my mom walks into the kitchen and reveals to me some sad news. She told me that Alan Rickman, the man who brought Snape to life, has passed away. According to the article, Rickman was 69 and had suffered from cancer. Upon hearing this news, … Continue reading Alan Rickman


2015 Survey

As 2015 is coming to a close I am looking back on my year as a book blogger. I know that most of my book reviews are superficial (at least to me) and this blog is entirely a hobby, but I also want to know what my followers think. I would greatly appreciate it if … Continue reading 2015 Survey


Liebster Award, the 3rd!

While I am extremely flattered to have been recognized for the liebster award, I think this will be the last one I post about. I want to thank Bookgatherer immensely for nominating me! I'm sorry for the delay in posting about it though, I was nominated on July 17th,  time slipped away from me.  Here are the … Continue reading Liebster Award, the 3rd!


The Ultimate Book Tag (?)

Honestly I'm not exactly sure how a book tag works, but thanks xingsings for tagging me. Note: My OCD could not handle the weird numbering, so I had to redo it. Here are my responses: 1. Do you get sick while reading in the car? I don't get sick, but I don't particularly like straining my … Continue reading The Ultimate Book Tag (?)