Jane Austen

While I've been away from my blog this entire year, I've read 57 books out of my goal of 75. My first post of the many books I read will cover all the books I read by and about Jane Austen this year. You may be wondering why I spontaneously decided to read (almost) the … Continue reading Jane Austen

The Penny Histories

Victor E. Neuburg Neuburg’s book The Penny Histories is divided into two halves. The first half contains five chapters about the history of the chapbook, while the second half contains seven facsimiles of chapbooks. Chapter one titled “The old classics of the nursery,” delves into the popularity of the chapbook in the eighteenth century. The … Continue reading The Penny Histories

Meditations Part 2

Marcus Aurelius After reading all his meditations and discussing the material in class, I believe Marcus Aurelius was writing these words of wisdom as a guide for his self to follow. To honor, trust, be honest, be intelligent, and to be just. These are all things that we as citizens, and as human beings in … Continue reading Meditations Part 2

Cantor’s Dilemma

Carl Djerassi Being a reading for my Honors science class, I was definitely not expecting this kind of book. I was expecting something that would be very scientific and boring, but what I got was entertaining and a little bit scientific. The author did a great job on introducing conflicts that arise in scientific research … Continue reading Cantor’s Dilemma

Meditations Part 1

Marcus Aurelius Instead of reading this book for quotes I've tried another way to understand the texts by trying to form an overall idea for each chapter (book). Book 1: In book one the author lists good, admirable traits about friends and family. He elaborated most on his adoptive father. He found good in all. … Continue reading Meditations Part 1

The Nature of Things: Book 4 The Senses

Lucretious Book 4 was interesting with its discussion of how our senses affect us, and then it also goes into sex. It amazes me that Lucretius knew so much about the human body and science, when it was only around 50 B.C. I understand that many of the topics he approaches are what we consider … Continue reading The Nature of Things: Book 4 The Senses

The Nature of Things: Book 3 Mortality and the Soul

Lucretious I read this chapter a week ago, and it is vague in my mind as to what it is about. I remember it presented many theories on life, death, the soul, and the body. Below are some quotes I found intriguing. every need, Nature supplies..." pg.72Physically I find this true, but does it mentally? … Continue reading The Nature of Things: Book 3 Mortality and the Soul

The Nature of Things: Book 2 The Dance of Atoms

Lucretious (While Book 2 was a little easier to read than book 1, I had to reward myself with reading for fun in order to get through the chapter.) Nor do raging fevers any faster cease to burn If you have fancy tapestries on which to toss and turn..." pg. 37 I really like how … Continue reading The Nature of Things: Book 2 The Dance of Atoms

The Nature of Things: Book 1 Matter and Void

Lucretious While this text is easy to read, but it very long and dry. ...alone [Venus] steer the nature of things upon its course..." pg. 3 I found this quote interesting because it references the goddess Venus before continuing onto a discussion concerning sciences. As a person who does not have a 'god,' I see … Continue reading The Nature of Things: Book 1 Matter and Void