Book Rating Systems

Book Rating

1 star
DNF (Did Not Finish) When for some reason or another I can’t bring myself to finish the book. This ends up happening at least once a year.
2 star
Did not like. The book just wasn’t good at all. There is little to nothing that could redeem the story.
2 star
It was okay. I liked these stories well enough, but nothing made it stand out.
4 star
I liked it. These stories are great and have solid characters.

5 star
I LOVED it! These stories are ones I don’t forget! They are brimming with memorable moments and wonderful characters.

Heat Rating

1 flame
2 flames
Kissing & Touching. More emotional than physical.
3 flames
Vague descriptions of intimate scenes.
4 flames
Detailed descriptions of intimate scenes.
5 flames
Extremely explicit sensual scenes.