What a Life

The past year has brought about a LOT of changes for me including getting a  new job, moving across the country, living alone, making new friends, joining two book clubs, earning my Master’s degree, getting a cat, and surviving a quarantine. The first couple of changes are what led me to abruptly stop blogging last summer. It’s funny how being a full-time employee at a new job and full-time student lead to fewer outside activities.

Now that the quarantine has kept me from physically being at work, and I finished out my degree in December, I suddenly find myself with way too much time on my hands. So I figured, why not start book blogging again? While I may not keep to a particular schedule with my posts, I feel I can share my feelings about books as I happen upon them. As I do not want to back-blog ALL of the books I finished since my last post, I have listed them here, with the format I consumed the book with next to it.  Books with ** were read for my romance book club, while books with * were read for my fantasy book club. ((NOTE: Books that were eARCs may be back-reviewed)

Books from last half of 2019:

(Books that were not previously blogged)

Books from first quarter of 2020:

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