Review: Everybody Loves Kamau!

Everybody Loves Kamau!

W. Kamau Bell


Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 28-May-2018
Date Started: 24-Jul-2018
Date Finished: 24-Jul-2018
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 47 m
Genres: Nonfiction, Short Stories
Source: Audible
3 star


“Kamau and Melissa’s love was real. But so was her grandfather’s prejudice. In this funny, moving essay, W. Kamau Bell, the host of CNN’s United Shades of America, shares his very personal story of culture clash, family tradition, and racial bias.

When the black comedian first meets the beloved Sicilian grandfather of his Italian American girlfriend, Melissa, the wrong sparks fly. The most important member of her large family shuns Kamau. What follows is a bracing, true account of conflict and patience, in-laws and family heirlooms, as Melissa and Kamau deal with cold shoulders, rejection, and finally resolution.

Everybody Loves Kamau! is part of The Real Thing, a collection of moving, hilarious, and big-hearted essays on the modern realities of friendship, romance, commitment, and love, with art by Geoff McFetridge. Each story can be read—or listened to—in a single sitting.



W. Kamau Bell is one who I’ve seen off and on television and I have even watched a couple episodes of his show that put him in some very interesting situations. I knew before coming across this that he is an interesting person with a unique life to share.

I received this audiobook for free around prime day, I believe, and it was a very interesting story to hear. Marrying a white girl, as a black man, can not be easy, with the added trouble of a grandfather who does not like you is even worse.

This short story is a real look at Kamau’s struggle meeting and interacting with this now wife’s family and how these struggles were overcome. I definitely recommend it, it is a very short listen (less than an hour).

About the Author

“W. Kamau Bell is a socio-political stand-up comedian and television host whose most prominent work focuses on race and politics in America.”


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