Review: Manga Classics: Emma

Manga Classics: Emma

Stacy King, Crystal S. Chan, Po Tse, Jane Austen

Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Publication date: 12-May-2015
Date Finished: 19-Jul-2017
Format: eARC
Pages: 308
Genres: Sequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novel, Classics, Romance
ISBN: 9781927925355
Source: NetGalley
Rating:3 star
Reading Challenges: Goodreads Reading Challenge


“Just in time for the 200th Anniversary, Manga Classics: Emma brings Jane Austen’s classic tale of youthful folly and romantic exuberance to a modern audience with this beautiful, new manga adaptation. The impulsive match-making of Emma Woodhouse delivers both humor and heartache through the gorgeous artwork of manga-ka Po Tse (Manga Classics: Pride and Prejudice). – Manga Classics editions feature classic stories, faithfully adapted and illustrated in manga style, and available in both hardcover and softcover editions. Proudly presented by UDON Entertainment and Morpheus Publishing.”



I must begin by stating that this graphic novel has beautiful artwork. Emma, while not my favorite of Jane Austen’s works, is an intriguing story nonetheless, and it is told beautifully in the manga format.

This format is a quick and easy way to read and understand this wonderful classic. It brings out Emma’s selfish nature and Knightley’s caring one. Despite never having liked the character Emma, she is illustrated in a way that gives her more depth. Knightley was also well developed, although it being no fault of this adaptation he could use a bit more page time.

Overall this story was well formatted for this medium. I recommend it to Austenites and those who would like to read the classics, but just don’t have the time. The graphic format makes it a much quicker read.

About the Author

“Writer, Manga Classics from UDON Entertainment.

My obsessions include historical costuming, comics, manga, young adult fiction, magic realism, chocolate, and the oxford comma. I enjoy decaf tea, art house cinema, dressing up & getting down.”


I received this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.


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