Textbook Review: New New Media

New New Media

Paul Levinson

Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 1-Oct-2012
Date Finished: 30-Apr-2017
Format: paperback
Pages: 240
Genres: Social Media
ISBN: 9780205865574
Source: Barnes & Noble Rental
Rating:3 star
Reading Challenges: Goodreads


“Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Foursquare, blogging … these and other “new new media” are used by hundreds of millions worldwide and are transforming just about every aspect of our culture from the way we elect presidents to how we watch television. “New New Media “details the benefits, opportunities, and dangers of these transformations.
New new media, as opposed to the traditional “new media” of email and websites, allow and encourage all consumers to become producers, readers to become writers and publishers, viewers to become performers – and have engendered such worldwide movements as The Arab Spring, The Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street. This catalytic feature of contemporary media prompts an entirely new look at how mass media, culture, and industry are undergoing the most profound changes since the advent of the alphabet and the printing press.
Learning Goals
Upon completing this book, readers will be able to:
Discuss the impact new new media have on our society
Understand the mechanics of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and other types of new new media
Discover the newest new media – Foursquare, Pinterest, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Goggle+ ”



This is not the kind of book I would typically read, but as it was required reading for a class, I did finish it. Overall this was an okay look into social media and its impact on society. It was pretty decent as a textbook, a bit dull for recreational reading. Levinson is verbose at times, which made reading it hard.

The physical book itself is definitely not aesthetically pleasing. I find it quite ugly. I wish textbook publishers would realize that textbooks don’t have to be ugly to be smart!

This was a very short, blunt review, but I can’t think of anything else to say on the text.

About the Author

“Paul Levinson, PhD, is an author, professor, and media commentator. His first novel, The Silk Code, won the Locus Award for best first science fiction novel of 1999. Entertainment Weekly called his 2006 novel, The Plot to Save Socrates, “challenging fun”. Both novels were reissued as “author’s cut” ebooks in 2012, and Unburning Alexandria, sequel to The Plot to Save Socrates, was published in 2013. Chronica – the third novel in the Sierra Waters time travel trilogy – followed in 2014. His nine nonfiction books on the history and future of media have been translated into a dozen languages around the world, and have been reviewed in The New York Times, Wired, and major newspapers and magazines. Two shorter books, McLuhan in an Age of Social Media and Fake News in Real Context, were published in 2015-2016, and are frequently updated. Levinson appears on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NPR, and numerous other television and radio shows. His 1972 album, Twice Upon a Rhyme, has been reissued on CD and remastered vinyl and is available on iTunes. He is Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University in NYC. If you would like announcements about Paul Levinson’s new books, subscribe to his newsletter eepurl.com/LNYkX



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