Better late than never…

It only took me five years to realize that I never actually wrote an introduction for this lovely book blog of mine! I could hardly believe it myself, despite not recalling ever doing so, so I searched through my first few months of posts and came up short. So, as I am oft to overuse, better late than never!


This all began, like many things in my life, as a homework assignment for an honors humanities course in college. (Back when I thought I wanted to be an architect—oh, how times have changed!) Anyone who wants to look back on my first posts, DON’T they are extremely dull assignments on Greek classics and not even thought-provoking ones! My first book review, if you can call it that, was for the YA novel Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. (It was also dumb, just a short blurb stating I liked the book.) Steadily my blog morphed from homework to a regularly updated book blog (although I have taken several month hiatuses before). In 2015, I started participating in several memes, but those slowly died off as they became repetitive and a chore to me. The bookish memes in which I participated were Top Ten Tuesday (from the Broke and Bookish), Exploring My Books (from Doodles and Scraps and myself), Teaser Tuesday (from A Daily Rhythm), W…W…W…Wednesday (from Taking on a World of Words), Throwback Thursday (from CasualReader), and Soundtrack Saturday (from The Hardcover Lover). Now, in 2017, my blog consists of only book reviews for novels, short stories, and graphic novels I have recently read.


As you’d know if you read that small blurb that shows up on every page, (which I’ll paste here for reference, “My name is Shannon Buchanan, and this is my reading blog. As I read a lot I figured I would share my favorite, and not so favorite, books with the internet. I don’t think of myself as much of a writer, but I do enjoy writing about books.”) this is my outlet for talking about books I’ve read. More about me is that I have a bachelor’s degree in architectural design. Once I received my diploma, I decided architecture is not for me. Fitting, I know. Now I am pursuing a degree in computer information science with an emphasis in web technologies. Later this year I plan to apply to the University of Illinois for their master’s program in Library and Information Sciences so that I can become a librarian.


Books have been a passion of mine since I read Harry Potter for the first time in middle school. Like many others, Harry Potter was my gateway book. Unlike many others, it took me three times to get through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (My favorite of the series is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.) Once I hit high school I started reading recreationally like a mad woman! It got to the point where my father threatened to ground me from the library. Sad, I know. Like most others, if I’m going to blog, I’m going to blog about something I am passionate about, thus books are my only option, really.


Like most other book bloggers, you can find me on Goodreads (Shannon Buchanan)! Come be my friend! We can find out what books we have in common! Since starting on Goodreads, in 2012, I’ve marked 774 books are read. 550 of those are one I’ve read since my blog began. I am also a member of LibraryThing (Shannon_LB), which contains a good portion of my library (the books I actually own). (I have been EXTREMELY lazy lately (as in the last 8 months or so) and have not updated my catalog with my recently purchased books, which is at least fifty more books.) In addition to these bookish social medias, I also have an Instagram (slbuchanan) where I have on occasion posted book related content and a Twitter (@shannonLB91) which honestly only tweets when a new review is posted. (My tweets are set up through WordPress, so I really don’t check Twitter at all.) The best way to contact me would be through a comment on a blog post, I check my WordPress notifications regularly.


I swear this has got to be the longest post I’ve ever written for this blog! Typically, my reviews are a couple of paragraphs long, and even that is stretching it sometimes!! As is evident by just seeing a couple reviews, I follow a template for my blogs that has the summary of the book and author information from Goodreads, so that I can get straight to the point with my reviews!


I love hearing others’ feedback on my blog, any criticism is welcome, as long as it is not just a “you’re wrong”. I welcome comments on all my reviews, so let me know what you are thinking! Comment “Long-winded” if you actually read this whole post, because I’m a bit exhausted from writing it.

One thought on “Better late than never…

  1. “Once I hit high school I started reading recreationally like a mad woman! It got to the point where my father threatened to ground me from the library.”

    This is awesome! You know you are a bookworm when your parents use banning from the library as a punishment lol

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