A Little Princess

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Publisher: Serial Reader
Publication date: 1902
Date Finished: 10-Dec-2016
Format: ebook
Pages: 245
Series: —
Genres: Classic, Young Adult, Juvenile, British Literature
ISBN: 9780064401876
Source: Serial Reader App
Rating:3 star

“Sara Crewe’s young but doting father sends her to a London boarding school when she is seven. On her eleventh birthday, her life of luxury comes to an abrupt end when she receives news that her father has died, shortly after losing his entire fortune. The school-mistress turns Sara into a servant to pay off her debts, and though Sara uses the entire force of her imagination and her good heart to remember who she is and keep starvation from the door, her life is desperate. Until the past returns in a very unexpected manner…” Goodreads


When I was little I loved watching the movie A Little Princess on VHS. It is one of my favorite films, although now that I’ve read the book the movie’s story has diminished in my mind. This is a story about a very strong little girl, with curious eyes, who has to go through tough trials at a young and how she persevered with a bit of magic. It was cute and adorable, but also sad at other times. I read this book through the serial reader app that delivered the story to me in 32 segments. So it may have taken a while to read, it did let the magic last a bit longer as well. I recommend this story to those who enjoy classics. The writing style seems to be particular to the time it was written, so those who don’t read many classics may be turned off by the writing style.


What are your thoughts?

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