Ayn Rand

Publisher: Serial Reader
Publication date: 1938
Date Finished: 12-Nov-2016
Format: ebook
Pages: 105
Series: —
Genres: Classic, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi, Philosophy
ISBN: 9780452281257
Source: Serial Reader App
Rating:4 star

“Anthem has long been hailed as one of Ayn Rand’s classic novels, and a clear predecessor to her later masterpieces, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. In Anthem, Rand examines a frightening future in which individuals have no name, no independence, and no values. Equality 7-2521 lives in the dark ages of the future where all decisions are made by committee, all people live in collectives, and all traces of individualism have been wiped out. Despite such a restrictive environment, the spark of individual thought and freedom still burns in him–a passion which he has been taught to call sinful. In a purely egalitarian world, Equality 7-2521 dares to stand apart from the herd–to think and choose for himself, to discover electricity, and to love the woman of his choice. Now he has been marked for death for committing the ultimate sin. In a world where the great “we” reign supreme, he has rediscovered the lost and holy word–“I.” ” Goodreads


This was a very intriguing novel. This story seemed to take socialism to an even scarier level. Ayn Rand portrays a society in which there is absolutely no individuality. The word “I” has been forgotten and forbidden by the people. No one gets to decide their future either. I like the message I got from this book, basically that there is no happiness in all being the same and having no control over one’s life. I recommend this to all who enjoy Dystopian societies. It is a really quick read, at only 105 pages.


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