When Anxiety Attacks

Terian Koscik

Publisher: Singing Dragon
Publication date: 21-Sep-2015
Date Finished: 9-Nov-2016
Format: paperback
Pages: 32
Series: —
Genres: Nonfiction, Graphic Novel, Comic, Memoir
ISBN: 9781848192843
Source: Library
Rating:4 star

“Frank and full of gentle humor, Terian Koscik’s graphic memoir shares her experiences of living with anxiety, finding the courage to see a therapist, and learning more than she could have imagined.

Even in childhood anxious thoughts would seep into Terian’s day. Yet she never thought that getting professional help was for her, simply concluding that her problems weren’t “real” problems (a lion hadn’t devoured her whole family, for example). But when her anxiety finally became overwhelming, she knew it was time to see a therapist.

To her surprise, Terian learned endless coping techniques through her therapy sessions. She shares how mindfulness strategies helped her observe anxious thoughts without criticizing them, and how “I” statements encouraged her to express feelings more openly in relationships. But perhaps the most important thing she learned was that there really is no “right” way to feel.” Goodreads


This graphic novel was short and sweet, and very well done. As a person who is mildly  anxious, I could sympathize with the author to an extent, but as to more extreme anxiety, I can empathize. It must be awful to feel so much, constantly. I’ve contemplated, particularly more often lately, that perhaps seeing a therapist would be beneficial to me. There is no shame in needing to understand yourself and knowing how to handle yourself better.

Do you read graphic novels?

What are your thoughts?

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