Korean Dramas: Recently Finished

To switch things up, and because I don’t have any reviews to post at the moment, I decided to share some Korean dramas that I finished watching recently. All of these dramas came out this year on various Korean channels, and they are all adorable. Note: All images and titles link to where you can watch the shows in the United States, they are all on Dramafever.

kd_gohosstarrynightGo Ho’s Starry Night | 20 Total episodes | Sohu TV | 2016
Genres: Short series, Romance, Romantic Comedy

“A 29-year-old Advertisement Contractor strives to succeed in both romance and her career before she turns 30, but the only two men in both aspects of her life are making it a challenge.” -DramaFever

If you have never watched a Korean drama before, I recommend this one for you. While there are 20 episodes, they are only about a half hour long each, making this a perfect show for beginners. While most of the actors from this drama were new to me, I absolutely adore Kim Young Kwang, who plays Kang Tae Ho, the main character’s boss. I loved him in Pinocchio, and he was just as cool in this drama. The comedy and romance of this drama had me finishing it in one night.

Uncontrollably Fond  | 20 Total episodes | KBS | 2016
Comedy, Melodrama, Romance, Romantic Comedy

“After a tragic turn of events, two teenagers reunite years later as very different adults — one an egotistical superstar, and the other a penny-pinching documentarian.” -DramaFever

This drama had more tragedy than the ones I usually watch, but it was well done. I enjoyed every episode, even though it could have been a little better of a wrap-up. I have seen both of the leads from this drama in previous shows. The male lead Kim Woo Bin was in The Heirs, and Bae Su Ji was in Dream High. Both are wonderful actors, and I think they worked well together.

kd_cinderellaandthefourknightsCinderella and the Four Knights  | 16 Total episodes | tvN | 2016
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy

“After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Ha Won feels distant from her new family and after a series of fateful events winds up living in a mansion with four handsome men.” -DramaFever

This drama had me fangirling like crazy. All the male leads are super attractive, and Ha Won, the female lead was wonderful. Aspects of this drama reminded me of others I have seen like Boys Over Flowers, but it was also uniquely its own show. What made me watch this show is Lee Jung Shin, who is the bassist from the band CNBLUE. I’ve been in love with this band for a few years now, it is full of talented artists. In this show, Lee Jung Shin plays one of the four knights, and he is adorable.

kd_doctorcrushDoctor Crush  | 20 Total episodes | SBS | 2016
 Medical, Romance

“A rough upbringing taught Hye Jung to hold her own in a fight — but what she really strives for is a better life as a doctor who helps people.” -DramaFever

This is a much more serious show about a bad-ass surgeon. It was cute and adorable in its own way as well. Not everyone is a fan of medical dramas, but if you like shows like Greys Anatomy, you’ll like Doctor Crush. What made me watch this show is Park Shin Hye, she plays the lead in this show and is a wonderful actress who stars in a lot of fantastic dramas like The Heirs, Pinocchio, Flower Boy Next Door, Heartstrings, and You’re Beautiful.

Do you watch any foreign television?

2 thoughts on “Korean Dramas: Recently Finished

  1. I’ve watched all of the above except for Uncontrollably Fond! I thoroughly enjoy watching Korean dramas. I just finished watching moon lovers, and am watching Shopping King Louis, wbu? 🙂

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