Golden Son


Brown, Pierce; Golden Son
Publisher: Del Rey
Publication date: 6-Jan-2015
Date Finished: 12-Oct-2016
Format: paperback & audiobook
Pages: 444
Series: Red Rising (#2)
Genres: Dystopia, Fantasy, Sci-FI, Science Fiction
ISBN: 9780345539830
Source: Barnes & Noble & Audible
Rating:4 star

“As a Red, Darrow grew up working the mines deep beneath the surface of Mars, enduring backbreaking labor while dreaming of the better future he was building for his descendants. But the Society he faithfully served was built on lies. Darrow’s kind have been betrayed and denied by their elitist masters, the Golds—and their only path to liberation is revolution. And so Darrow sacrifices himself in the name of the greater good for which Eo, his true love and inspiration, laid down her own life. He becomes a Gold, infiltrating their privileged realm so that he can destroy it from within.

A lamb among wolves in a cruel world, Darrow finds friendship, respect, and even love—but also the wrath of powerful rivals. To wage and win the war that will change humankind’s destiny, Darrow must confront the treachery arrayed against him, overcome his all-too-human desire for retribution—and strive not for violent revolt but a hopeful rebirth. Though the road ahead is fraught with danger and deceit, Darrow must choose to follow Eo’s principles of love and justice to free his people.

He must live for more. -Goodreads


Golden Son was just as great, if not better, than Red Rising. Darron has evolved into such a dynamic character. He is strong and human in so many ways. This story is so complex that it is a bit over my head to try to explain it. So much occurs between the covers of this book, that it is hard to discern where the first book ended and the second began. I will be amazed if Pierce Brown manages to successfully complete this trilogy in the final book.

For the most part, I listened to the audiobook of this novel while working. The story is given a new dimension with the narrator. Tim Gerard Reynolds weaves his voice in a way that brings the characters to life and allows you to witness their growth.

I would recommend this book to Sci-Fi and adventure fans. It is one that would be extremely hard to understand if read alone, so I recommend that Red Rising is read before starting Golden Son.


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