The History of England

Jane Austen

Publisher: Algonquin Books
Publication date: 10-Jan-1993
Date Finished: 22-Sep-2016
Format: hardcover
Pages: 60
Series: —
Genres: Classic, History, Humor, Juvenalia
ISBN: 9781565120556
Source: library
Rating:3 star

“As a schoolgirl, Jane Austen must have suffered terribly under her lessons of English history. The sixteen-year-old finally took revenge and wrote her own history of the Kings and Queens of England. Containing thirteen mischievous portraits of the English Royals, this very entertaining–and incomparably unreliable–history book is illustrated by Mandy Schludt, whose previous work in illustration and book design received the distinguished Stiftung Buchkunst Prize in German (2005). Goodreads


This has to be the shortest book ever. I believe that the introduction and note at the beginning of the text were longer than the history itself. I did enjoy this text, though. It was awesome to see the facsimiles of Austen’s work. She has such an elegant script. It was also interesting to see Cassandra’s, Jane’s sister’s, drawings that accompanied the histories. I also enjoyed that this book was essentially a rant from Austen on how much she disliked Queen Elizabeth and a couple of the other royal leaders. Overall it was cute and short.

 WHO is your favorite classic writer?

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