Audiobooks are relatively new to me. When I was younger the idea of having someone else read to me, when I could read it faster was dumb. Now that I am older and get tired more easily, it’s nice to have an audiobook to listen to while I rest my eyes. Below are 7 audiobooks I’ve listen to and enjoyed, 1 I am currently in the middle of, and 2 that I have bought, but have yet to listen to.


Bad BeginningDashner, James; The Death CureTahir, Sabaa; An Ember in the AshesBardugo, Leigh; Six of CrowsMead, Richelle;The Glittering CourtBrown, Pierce; Red Risingmansbach-adam-go-the-f-k-to-sleep

Currently Listening To: 

Brown, Pierce; Golden Son

Bought, but Yet to Listen To: 



The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

What are your thoughts?

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