Cook Korean!

Robin Ha

Ha, Robin; Cook Korean
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication date: 5-Jul-2016
Date Finished: 23-Aug-2016
Format: paperback
Pages: 176
Series: —
Genres: Non-Fiction, Cookbook, Korean, Comic Book
ISBN: 9781607748878
Source: Blogging For Books
Rating:4 star

“Picture It: You Can Master Korean Cooking

Fun to look at and easy to use, this unique combination of cookbook and graphic novel is the ideal introduction to cooking Korean cuisine at home. Robin Ha’s colorful and humorous one- to three-page comics fully illustrate the steps and ingredients needed to bring more than sixty traditional (and some not-so-traditional) dishes to life.

In these playful but exact recipes, you’ll learn how to create everything from easy kimchi (mak kimchi) and soy garlic beef over rice (bulgogi dupbap) to seaweed rice rolls (gimbap) and beyond. Friendly and inviting, Cook Korean! is perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike who want to try their hand at this wildly popular cuisine. -Goodreads


This was the best and probably the only cookbook I have read cover-to-cover. The illustrations and comics were well-drawn and cute. I appreciate the step-by-step instructions as cooking is not my strong suit. It also helps to have an illustration to the typically hard to understand instructions. When I read traditional recipes I tend to overlook things. I would definitely recommend this cookbook to anyone interested in Korean cooking. As eager as I am to try out the recipes, it’ll be a while until I get the chance as I need to first find a Korean market near me so that I can get the unique (at least to Americans) ingredients.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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