Upon investigation, I’ve discovered that I started my Goodreads TBR only 6 months before starting my blog. I was worried because I  thought I had started them at the same time, which would have made this post difficult, as I tend to have an awful memory. There is a major common theme among the books on this list and that is YA. I started my Goodreads account in April of 2012, and then my blog in September of 2012. During that time I was in my second year of college and only had time for a quick YA novel now and again. Here are the Top Ten Books that have been on my TBR since before my book blog.

the book thiefMeyer, Stephenie; The HostRiordan, Rick; Battle of the LabyrinthTheLastOlympianCast, P.C.; The Fledgling Handbook 101Riordan, Rick; The Lost HeroChima, Cinda Williams; the Demon KingMiller, Madeline; The Song of AchillesIbbatson, Eva; A Company of SwansOliver, Lauren; Before I FallColfer, Eoin; The Atlantis ComplexColfer, Eoin; The Last Guardian

WHICH BOOKS HAVE been on your TBR the longest?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

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