The first thing I did when I found out the topic for this week was check my Amazon wish list titled “Books I’d buy if I had a lot of money”. No joke, that’s the name of the wishlist. I had to search and delete a lot from the list as I had already purchased, or decide against many of the titles. Here are my top ten books that I would buy immediately if someone gave me a fully loaded gift card. I’ve totaled the cost of all the books (based on list price) to determine how much money I would actually need to get all of these wonderful books.

Paolini, Christopher; InheritanceMcCabe, Bob; Harry Potter Page to ScreenRevenson, Jody; Magical Places from the FilmsRevenson, Jody; Creature VaultRevenson, Jody; Character VaultRevenson, Jody; Artifact VaultClare, Cassandra; Clockwork AngelClare, Cassandra; Clockwork PrinceClare, Cassandra; Clockwork PrincessAusten, Jane; Love and Freindship

Total Cost: $345.00

Which books would you buy, given the money magically appeared?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish.

What are your thoughts?

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