How I married a Marquess

Anna Harrington

Harrington, Ana; How I Married a Marquess
Publisher: Forever
Publication date: 26-Apr-2016
Date Finished: 12-Jun-2016
Format: e-book
Pages: 368
Series: The Secret Life of Scoundrels (#3)
Genres: Romance, Historical Romance, Regency
ISBN: 9781455534074
Source: Netgalley
Rating:4 star
3 flames

Josephine Carlisle, adopted daughter of a baron, is officially on the shelf. But the silly, marriage-minded misses in the ton can have their frilly dresses and their seasons in London, for all she cares. Josie has her freedom and her family . . . until an encounter with a dark, devilishly handsome stranger leaves her utterly breathless at a house party. His wicked charm intrigues her, but that’s where it ends. For Josie has a little secret . . .

Espionage was Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney’s game-until a tragic accident cost him his career. Now to salvage his reputation and return to the life he loves, the marquess must find the criminal who’s been robbing London’s rich and powerful. He’s no fool-he knows Josie, with her wild chestnut hair and rapier-sharp wit, is hiding something and he won’t rest until he unravels her mysteries, one by one. But he never expected to be the one under arrest-body and soul . . .  -Goodreads


I enjoyed the plot of this story, it was a unique novel to me. While I’ve read a few including spies and a few including reckless women, this one stood out for combining the two. Now for the characters, I feel that Thomas, while dashing, could have been a bit more suave. At times, he was excessively forceful and that was off putting. Aside for that, I have no other complaints about him.  As for the female protagonist, while sweet and caring, she was a bit dumb. There definitely should have been a smarter, less dangerous way of ascertaining money for the orphanage. I did enjoy her intimidating brothers, it was a bit of comic relief. Overall, this novel was great. While it did not take place in London, I still enjoyed the country village setting.


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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