Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss

Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss Bronwyn Scott "All you have to do is watch my mouth."  Simple in theory, but how can the ton's most eligible catch, Jonathon Lashley, concentrate on his French lessons with Miss Claire Welton when all he wants is to claim that delectable mouth with a heart-stopping kiss? Wallflower Claire has loved … Continue reading Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss

Exploring My Books: Dragons

AS I AM NOW CO-HOSTING EXPLORING MY BOOKS WITH ADDLEPATES AND BOOK NERDS, OUR TOPIC THIS WEEK IS A Mythical Creature Dragons   When faced with this week's prompt, the first creature that jumped to my mind was dragons! After thinking through all the books I own, I've found a few that have dragons in them. The first … Continue reading Exploring My Books: Dragons