1,001 Cats: A Creative Cat Coloring Book

H.R. WAllace Publishing

1001 Cats
Publisher: H.R. Wallace Publishing
Publication date: 28-Apr-2016
Date Finished: DNF-color
Format: paperback
Pages: 86
Series: —
Genres: Art, Coloring Book
ISBN: 9781509101542
Source: LibraryThing Giveaway
Rating:2 star

“The Ultimate Cat Lover’s Coloring Book

With 1,001 fabulous felines to color, cat fanciers will delight in this coloring book that’s completely jam-packed with cats. With more than 40 unique feline-themed illustrations, this adorable book offers a world of cats to color. Among the wide variety of creative cat designs found in this collection, that really is the ultimate coloring book for cat lovers, colorists will discover:

Feline-filled patterns and cat mandalas Cats frolicking in an enchanting forest filled with critters Kitties enjoying their favorite hobbies Cats playing among the flowers in their secret garden hideaway

And that’s in addition to many more single-sided illustrations that are filled with happy cats, mischievous cats, playful cats, and even a few grumpy cats too. -Goodreads


I’m going to be blunt and say that I was not a fan of this coloring book. I love the concept (because who doesn’t like cats?!), but the drawings are just too childish for an adult coloring book. The cats are boring and the art style is very elementary school-esque. If  the target audience was children, I’d say this coloring book isn’t bad, but for adults, it is just dull. I plan on giving it to my 6 & 7 years old nieces.


What are your thoughts?

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