Exploring My Books: Least Favorite Trope (Dumb Women)

AS I AM NOW CO-HOSTING EXPLORING MY BOOKS WITH ADDLEPATES AND BOOK NERDS, OUR TOPIC THIS WEEK IS My Least Favorite Trope Dumb Women I've got to admit, I don't mind a good love triangle now and again, but the one trope that irks me to extremes is the portrayal of women as stupid. I recently finished reading … Continue reading Exploring My Books: Least Favorite Trope (Dumb Women)

The Glittering Court

The Glittering Court Richelle Mead "Big and sweeping, spanning from the refined palaces of Osfrid to the gold dust and untamed forests of Adoria, The Glittering Court tells the story of Adelaide, an Osfridian countess who poses as her servant to escape an arranged marriage and start a new life in Adoria, the New World. … Continue reading The Glittering Court