While I used to not understand why anyone would rather listen to a book than physically read it, my view on the topic has changed considerably. While I don’t listen to them too frequently, I do enjoy an audiobook every now and then, particularly if I have a boring, mindless task to complete. Here are my top ten reasons for why I love audiobooks.

  • They are easily accessible on my phone.
  • When I’m too tired to keep my eyes open, but too awake to fall asleep, audiobooks are the best thing to listen to.
  • They bring the story to life more, particularly when there is a full cast of narrators.
  • They are perfect at keeping my mind entertained while doing menial tasks.
  • Getting lost in the verbal story makes time fly by.
  • I’m less likely to be disturbed while reading because I’m wearing headphones.
  • I can carry around multiple books (in the app), so I have a good variety to pick from.
  • I can set a sleep timer and fall asleep while listening to a fantasy world. (But I have to be careful to not set it for too long if I’m super tired.
  • Like books, the audiobooks very in length, so they can be matched up with the amount of time a certain task will take.
  • When I had a corneal abrasion and couldn’t open my eye without pain, an audiobook was the only thing that could keep me entertained throughout the day.

Side note: some really good audiobooks I’ve listened to are: Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (narrated by Tim Curry and a full cast) and An Ember in the Ashes (narrated by Fiona Hardingham and Steve West)

Do you like audiobooks?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Love Audiobooks

  1. I never tried listening to an audiobook. I’m quite particular with the voices, haha! But I’d sure want to give ’em a try!

    1. I can understand that. What I like about using Audible is that when people rate the book, they can separately rate the performance. I make sure to check that before buying any books

  2. I actually don’t listen to audiobooks. I think the only time I’ve ever tried it was with Winter (of The Lunar Chronicles). 🙂

    1. I have to have a boring task to perform to encourage me to start an audiobook, but half the time after starting the book, I’ll make up tasks so that I can keep listening.

  3. I just started listening to audiobooks, and I agree so much that it’s great when doing menial tasks. I can’t seem to ‘read’ fiction audiobooks though — my mind strays too much and fiction tends to have more description? I dunno, I LOVE non-fiction audiobooks but just haven’t found a fiction audiobook that I enjoyed yet. Then again, I haven’t heard anything with a full cast of narrators. I’ll have to check out your recs. 🙂

  4. I still am not sold in the audiobook matter, but reading your post made me stop and think better of it. I may get one for myself on my birthday 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience, darling!! ❤

  5. I LOVE audiobooks! I listen to them in the car and when I run! Nothing makes an hour of running fly by like a great book to take my mind off the torture I’m going through 😅

  6. i don’t typically like audiobooks because I get distracted – and I can read faster than they talk lol – but I do love Jim Dale’s audiobooks of the Harry Potter series as well as the audiobooks for the Pink Carnation series. My TTT

  7. I’d add one more thing, or maybe two
    – they are perfect reads on-the-move, I often use them when I get to and from work in winter
    – light is not an issue, it’s dark around? who cares when you have an audio book

    But obviously they aren’t perfect, I’ve listened to few books that were really badly narrated and even when the story was good I simply couldn’t handle it. Then again, now I’m listening to “Sin eater’s daughter” and even though I don’t like the book I do like the narrator.

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