After painting Mortal Instrument (Lady Midnight) themed nails, I decided to do Bookish nail art again! This time, I chose Soundless by Richelle Mead. I was reading this book at the time, so the inspiration was right in front of my eyes.  I based my design on the special edition cover of the book (It was only available for a limited time at independent bookstores). I had pre-ordered my book specifically to get the special edition cover and to get it autographed by the author. To the right is the normal cover the book you’d see if you went to any bookstore, below shows the beautiful, translucent flower patterned cover that goes over the one to the right.

To make this nail design I used two nail stamping plates that I bought at BundleMonster. (This is not a promotional post, but I like their product, so I may as well share.) To start off I painted all of my nails white, as I have a pretty crappy white polish it took about 4 or so coats. Next, I stamped the floral pattern from stamping plate BM-XL201 with a copper metallic polish. Then to create the mountains, I used stamping plate BM-S306 with a deep red polish. I liked this design so much that I wore it for about a week! (That’s a pretty long time for me!)




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