Top Six Changed Feelings

To start off, sorry for the delay, I know Tuesday is almost over, but I've been super busy and I scratched my eye over the weekend, so my vision isn't perfect right now. I feel that it is natural for our feelings towards a particular subject matter to change and evolve over time as our … Continue reading Top Six Changed Feelings

Teaser Tuesday: Because of Miss Bridgerton

BECAUSE OF MISS BRIDGERTON BY JULIA QUINN "'Well, don't I feel special.' Billie retorted. He turned, staring down at her with heavy-lidded superiority. 'Are you saying you want to marry me?'"- Ch. 3 pg. 21 Because of Miss Bridgerton BY Julia Quinn From Goodreads:  "Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places... This is not one … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Because of Miss Bridgerton