Clare, Cassandra; Lady MidnightThis past March, Cassandra Clare bestowed her most recent Shadowhunter masterpiece to the masses. I am one of those devoted souls who pre-ordered her book and devoured it as soon as I could. It is a delicious novel. (My review can be found here.)

This weekend I am going to BookCon in Chicago, in honor of the event I wanted to have some book-related nails! (Nail art is one of my new hobbies. As Cassandra Clare will be there, I set out and made Lady Midnight nails! It was a process that involved a base coat 4 different nail polish colors, some acrylic white paint, nail art brushes, top coat, and a dixie cup of water. I also needed to reference the Shadowhunter’s Codex to get the Runes just right!

As I didn’t record the whole process, here is my end result!


Here are some close-ups. (Clicking on the Images will make them bigger!)



20160511_065716.jpg 20160511_065722.jpg 20160511_065732.jpg

Let me know what you think! What Book would I do next?

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