I spend about 60% of my day (particularly my work day) on the internet. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to play about the internet when there is no work to do. Below are the top ten websites I visit daily:

  • tumblr.com
    • for all my pretty picture viewing when I am bored.
  • youtube.com
    • to keep up on my subscriptions, mainly nail art tutorials, Buzzfeed videos, the vlogbrothers, and Korean music.
  • cwtv.com
    • where I watch all of my favorite shows: Jane the Virgin, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Reign, Supernatural, The Flash, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries.
  • cbs.com
    • where I get my daily dose of Stephen Colbert 🙂
  • CC.com
    • where I watch The Daily Show and The Nightly Show. These shows are an entertaining way to stay informed!
  • Netflix.com
    • to watch shows, mostly the Korean dramas that are on there.
  • Gmail.com
    • to check all my emails ( I tend to get between 20-30 promotional emails a day).
  • calendar.sunrise.am
    • how I keep track of my blog, work, and personal schedule.
  • facebook.com
    • Until a little over a week ago I would constantly check my facebook. Realizing it was a problem, I cold-turkey stop using facebook (I deactivated my account).
  • Gooddrama.net
    • Where I watch all the Korean dramas that are not on Netflix

What websites do you visit daily?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Non-Bookish Websites I visit daily

  1. I love Jane The Virgin! I watched the first few episodes but forgot about it for a while, but you’ve reminded me how funny that show was – and very much like a soap opera, haha.

    Also it’s been SO LONG since I last watched any k-drama! What are you watching now? 😛

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