Smith, Lauren; Climax
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication date: 3-May-2016
Date Finished: 30-Apr-2016
Format: ebook
Pages: 150
Series: Her British Stepbrother (#3)
Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Source: Netgalley
Rating:3 star3 flames

“The story began with FORBIDDEN, continued with SEDUCTION, and now comes to a spell-binding CLIMAX. The final installment in a 3-part serial. -Goodreads


I was excited to get early access to this novella through Netgalley, as I had already devoured the first two of the trilogy. (Here are my reviews for Forbidden and Seduction) Sadly I was left unsatisfied. Spoiler: Of course there was a happy ending because what romance novel would be complete without a happy ending. I feel this one was a bit melodramatic and cliched though. (Of course, novels are portraying things that don’t typically happen in real life, I just wanted a more realistic, non-cliche ending.)The way the story wrapped up was too perfect. Also, I don’t think the protagonists’ parents would be cool with this outcome, even though they were in love.

Again I’m going to reiterate that this story would have been 300% better of the trilogy had been combined into one full-length novel. Having to wait two months between installments was a detriment to fully appreciating the story flow. As a book blogger, and general book lover, I read a LOT of books, not as many as some, but still more than your average Joe. Between releases I forgot many important aspects of the books leading to confusion at times.

Back to this third part of the story, I was disappointed in the lack of character development here. While I know this is the third and final installment, so the conclusion of the novella trilogy, if it is published by itself, it should include all aspects of a good novel, including a rising action and character development.

I did appreciate that the epilogue opened up the opportunity for a spin-off romance. (I preferred Carter from the beginning.) When viewing the three novellas as one novel, I really liked it. It had forbidden love, an intriguing seduction, and a decent, yet cliched ending.


I received this book from Netgalley for this honest review.

What are your thoughts?

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