So it wasn’t until I was scrolling through Goodreads finding books for this post that I realized how seldom I give out 5 stars. My top ten most recent five stars stretches from now until last May. I didn’t realize that out of the tens of books I’ve read over the past several months, that I had so few fantastic books. Here are my top ten most recent five star reads:

5 star

Clare, Cassandra; Lady MidnightSmith, Lauren; SeductionIkeyamada, Go; So Cute It Hurts 5WinterAdichie, Chimamanda Ngozi; We Should All Be FeministsMaas, Sarah J. Maas; Throne of GlassMaas, Sarah J. Maas; Crown of MidnightOrphan QueenBrown, Kelly Williams; Adulting

WHICH BOOKS have you given 5 stars lately?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Recent 5 Stars Reads

  1. I’m behind in reading the last book of the original Shadowhunters series, so I haven’t started Lady Midnight yet, but I can’t wait to get to it! And I’ve been on a feminist author kick lately, so I’ll have to check out We Should All Be Feminists. My TTT

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