Smith, Lauren; Seduction
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication date: 8-Mar-2016
Date Finished: 9-Mar-2016
Format: GooglePlay book
Pages: 131
Series: Her British Stepbrother (#2)
Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Source: Google Play
Rating:5 star4 flames

“The second in a 3-part serial about an American girl studying at Cambridge who desires the one man she can’t have… -Goodreads


This is the second part in a trilogy of novellas that make up “Her British Stepbrother.” While titled “Seduction:, I feel that that title is more appropriate for the first novella, whereas “Forbidden” (The title of the first part) is more appropriate for this one.

I am loving the story, but it is always over before it began. The way the author has broken up this story ends each one at a moment of change and conflict, while it makes for a good cliffhanger, it does not make for a happy reader. I wish instead the three parts had been combined into one full-length novel so that I could devour the whole story all at once. I feel that nothing was really resolved in this part, making it the filling of the trilogy. Unfortunately, I now have to wait another 2 months to read the conclusion “Climax”.


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