W…W…W…Wednesday… March 9th

This past weekend was our final robotics tournament so now I get more me time! Which for me means more reading time. CURRENTLY READING Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith Seduction by Lauren Smith I did end up starting a new romance novel despite not finishing any others this week. RECENTLY … Continue reading W…W…W…Wednesday… March 9th

To Lure a Proper Lady

To Lure a Proper Lady Ashlyn Macnamara "When Lady Elizabeth Wilde and her sisters are summoned once again to their chronically anxious father’s deathbed, she’s shocked to find that his worries are at last justified. He’s terribly ill, and Lizzie suspects poison. But when she seeks help from the Bow Street Runners, her request is … Continue reading To Lure a Proper Lady