Ikeyamada, Go; So Cute It Hurts 2
Publisher: Viz Media
Publication date: 4-Aug-2015
Date Finished: 12-Jan-2016
Format: paperback
Pages: 192
Series:  Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (#2)
Genres: Manga, Shojo, Rom-Com, Young Adult
ISBN: 9781421579863
Source: library
Rating:4 stars

“Kobayashi Mitsuru and Kobayashi Megumi are twin brother and sister, with identical faces but radically different personalities: while Mitsuru is a confident charmer who wins the hearts of dozens of girls, Megumi is an average otaku who is in love with a virtual hero. Yet, the two’s lives start to turn upside down after Mitsuru and Megumi switch roles…

A complicated love story starts!” -Goodreads


If possible, volume 2 was even cuter than the first! Aoi and Megu are awkwardly adorable and both of the love stories end with a cute and interesting twist.

I adore the art style so much and the covers are the absolute cutest! While I don’t often, and not since jr high, draw in a cartoon style, I wish I could draw eyes like Go Ikeyamada. They are just so pretty! I know that the artists use computer programs to do the textures and patterns, but they are just so well done.


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