This year I have made quite a few resolutions, most of them having to do with reading and blogging. Here are my Top Ten 2016 Resolutions.

Read 100 books

Last year my Goodread’s reading goal was 75, and I surpassed it by reading 136 books. This year, even though I know I will be busier, I hope to read 100 books.

Review 100 Books

This past year I reviewed about every other book, this year I want to post a review for every book I read, no matter how inconsequential the book is. Although I would like to note that the reviews will not be extremely long.

Complete The PopSugar reading challenge

I managed to barely complete last year’s challenge, but I enjoyed it so I am going to give this year’s challenge a try. All updates on this challenge will be posted here.

Keep Track of Books read better

While I always update Goodreads on the books I’ve read, I want to be better at writing everything out. I painted a notebook that is exactly for this purpose. I plan to write a short entry on each book I read and whether it meets one of my reading challenges.


Read all the books I bought last year

This past year I went overboard and bought a bunch of books, many of which rest untouched on the shelf of my nightstand. I’ve also received a few books as gifts, for my birthday and Christmas, that I’ve yet to read.  These titles include “Go Set a Watchman”, “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, “An Ember in Ashes”, and many more.

Limit my book buying Addiction

Like many of you, I have a book buying addiction. I am going to limit it by only buying books with the gift cards I got for Christmas (I’ve already pre-ordered a few books with these), and then after that the max of 1 book, under $20, a month.

Don’t stress about my blog

Typically for posts like this, and other weekly memes, I like to schedule them. This year I am not going to stress about getting posts scheduled, and if I miss a meme post, I’m going to let it go, and if I have time to schedule some posts, yay!

Put my BLog before TV

I’ve probably said this before, but I have a lot of free time at work in which I work on my blog and watch television shows (I watch at least 15-20 different shows a year). Typically I watch my TV shows first and then work on my blog. Doing this ends with me putting off blog posts because I don’t want to do them anymore by the end of the day. As I am most productive in the morning hours, I feel that should be dedicated to blogging.

Redesign blog for 2016

Sometime in the next couple months I want to do another redesign. I’m growing tired of purple. My blog is purple, the robotics team I coach is called the “Purple Robot Penguins” and the FTC team I mentor has purple as one of their colors. Now it’s time for a warm, happy color!

Eat Healthier

I tend to make this resolution every year, and follow it pretty well up until the holidays start again. This year I am going to focus on what I eat while working. I tend to snack a lot a work because I don’t have much to do, to remedy this I’ll only pack one snack a day!

WHAT ARE YOUr 2016 Resolutions?

The Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by the Broke and Bookish


14 thoughts on “Top Ten 2016 Resolutions

  1. I love your journal idea. It’s something I sort of do now to get my thoughts together before I write a review, but they’re not organized and are on random pages in multiple journals. I may dedicate a specific journal to this now 🙂 Also, the design you painted on it is super cute!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

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