Top Ten 2016 Resolutions

This year I have made quite a few resolutions, most of them having to do with reading and blogging. Here are my Top Ten 2016 Resolutions. Read 100 books Last year my Goodread's reading goal was 75, and I surpassed it by reading 136 books. This year, even though I know I will be busier, … Continue reading Top Ten 2016 Resolutions

Teaser Tuesday: A Whisper of Desire

A WHISPER OF DESIRE BY BRONWEN EVANS "Maitland was not surprised when Marisa did not join him for breakfast at none the next morning. Whether she was still asleep, as most young ladies at this hour were apt to be, or she was hiding from him after his less-than-chivalrous sending to her room last night … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: A Whisper of Desire