This December has flown by. With the holidays, working, birthdays, and robotics, I’ve had little time to read and am therefore happy with what I did manage to read this month.  Here’s my month in books:

This brings my yearly total of books up to 136/75 towards my reading goal, making it 181% complete.

What I Posted in December:


12-20 Winter
12-27 The 100


12-1 November 2015
12-31 Final Update on Secondary Reading Challenge


12-1 TTT: 2016 Debuts
12-8 TTT: Fav 2015 Authors
12-15 TTT: Best of 2015
12-22 TTT: Christmas Gifts
12-29 TTT: 2016 New Releases


12-1 TT: Winter 2
12-8 TT: Quiet
12-15 TT: The 100
12-22 TT: Bitter of Tongue
12-29 TT: The Hunger Games


12-2 WWWW Dec 2nd
12-9 WWWW Dec 9th
12-16 WWWW Dec 16th
12-23 WWWW Dec 23rd
12-30 WWWW Dec 30th


12-4 EMB: Final Exams
12-11 EMB: Pulitzer
12-18 EMB: Winter
12-25 EMB: Christmas

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