2015 Reading Challenge

2015 brought me many challenges that I’ve yet to overcome, hopefully 2016 can be my savior. In the literary world I fared extremely well this past year. I ultimately surpassed my reading goal by 61 books. I read many wonderful and quite a few awful stories. I also was able to add many new authors to my favorites list, most notably Sarah J. Maas and Valerie Bowman.

Here’s 2015’s breakdown:

How the year panned out:

Winter (Jan-Mar): 34
Spring (Apr-Jun): 50
Summer (Jul-Sep): 33
Fall (Oct-Dec): 19

Most read months are May & June at 18 books each!
Least read month is November with only 5 books.

Real or Not:

Fiction 127
NonFiction 9

Reread or New:

Reread 25
New 111


Young Adult: 53

Paranormal: 18
Fantasy: 16
Contemporary: 10
Dystopia: 9

Romance: 46

Historical: 40
Contemporary: 5
Time-travel: 1

Graphic Novels: 19

Shojo: 9
Shonen: 5
Historical Fiction: 2
Based on YA: 2
Contemporary: 1

Nonfiction: 9

Self-help: 3
Social Science:2
Memoir: 2
History: 1
Educational: 1

Classics: 5
Juvenile Fantasy: 2
Adult: 2

Mystery: 1
Philosophy: 1

It was  a pretty successful year, here’s to another!

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