Sorry for the late post! Usually I have my month post scheduled to post at the start of the new month, but I didn’t realize until I was lying in bed that it is now November so I needed to write this ASAP.

Saddly this was another slow month for me in the literary world. As a co-coach to a robotics team my previously free evenings are filled. This month I only finished 8 books.  While I am disappointed in my reading I have at least filled two of the challenges on my sugarpop, secondary reading challenge. Now I only have 4 more to go and only 9 weeks to accomplish it! Wow this year is just flying by! In other news I met Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan at a book signing this month! While there I bought copies of their books and had them signed. Below are the eight books I finished this month:


This brings my yearly total of books up to 125/75 towards my reading goal, making it 167% complete.

What I Posted in September:


10-11 Fruits Basket Series
10-18 Wuthering Heights
10-25 Two Boys Kissing


10-1 September 2015


10-6 TTT: Bookish Habits
10-13 TTT: Author Duos
10-20 TTT: Book Genie
10-27 TTT: Literary Costumes


10-6 TT: Two Boys Kissing
10-13 TT: The Picture of Dorian Gray
10-20 TT: The Duke and the Baron
10-27 TT: Why Not Me?


10-7 WWWW Oct 7th
10-14 WWWW Oct 14th
10-21 WWWW Oct 21st
10-28 WWWW Oct 28th


10-2 EMB: Graphics
10-9 EMB: Guilty Pleasures
10-16 EMB: Poetry
10-23 EMB: Exploring Other Books
10-30 EMB: Thrills

5 thoughts on “October 2015

  1. Well done! You read what I usually do on a good month, haha! This October was a bit different from my usual months because of college, as I’ve read 10 titles, but I read only 3 of them for fun 😦

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