To be completely honest, I’ve been lazy and unmotivated in the reading department this past month. Most of the books I read are manga novels. I don’t even want to pick my favorite for the month because honestly it’s not enough of a pool of books to choose one from. As a result of my laziness I haven’t posted as many book reviews as usual either. Hopefully the month of October will be more fruitful!

Here are the books I read this past month:

Note: For the sake of my reading count, I have 3 manga novels equate to 1 book.

This brings my yearly total of books up to 117/75 towards my reading goal, making it 156% complete.

What I Posted in September:


9-2 To Kill a Mockingbird
9-6 Crown of Midnight
9-9 Legend
9-13 The Age of Innocence
9-20 Prodigy


9-2 EMB Update
9-1 3rd Quarterly Update
9-1 August 2015


9-1 TTT: Character Conflicts
9-8 TTT: Series to finish
9-15 TTT: Nonfiction
9-22 TTT: Autumn TBR
9-29 TTT: Love Stories Better than Twilight


9-1 TT: Prodigy
9-8 TT: Heir of Fire
9-15 TT: Fruits Basket Vol. 7
9-22 TT: Fruits Basket Vol. 13
9-29 TT: Wuthering Heights


9-2 WWWW Sept 2nd
9-9 WWWW Sept 9th
9-16 WWWW Sept 16th
9-23 WWWW Sept 23rd
9-30 WWWW Sept 30th


9-4 EMB: Back to School
9-11 EMB: Oh, the memories!
9-18 EMB: Fan-fiction?
9-25 EMB: Doesn’t Quite Fit

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