Top Ten Nonfictions

This week's theme is a Freebie so my topic is Top Ten Non-FICTIONS To be honest, my top ten nonfiction books are pretty much a majority of the nonfiction I have ever read. But even though I don't read nonfiction often, these ones are fantastic. So, as usual, my top ten is not in any … Continue reading Top Ten Nonfictions

Teaser Tuesday: Fruits Basket Vol. 7

FRUITS BASKET VOL. 7 BY NATSUKI TAKAYA As I've started re-reading Fruits Basket, I figured it would be fair to post it as a teaser tuesday. But as the pictures are just as important as the text, I  posted a conversation from the manga.  Here are the rules and how to participate in Teaser Tuesday. This … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Fruits Basket Vol. 7