After some emailing with Victoria, from Addlepates and Book Nerds, she and I decided to co-host the meme Exploring My Books (or as she has called it, Exploring My Bookshelves). Co-hosting to us means that we will take turns coming up with topics for alternating months. As I came up with the past two months while Victoria was on vacation, she came up with September’s topics:

4th September: a school you want to go to (since Hogwarts has started back)
11th September: a book you keep for the memories
18th September: a book you wrote/want to write fanfiction about
25th September: a book that doesn’t quite fit on your shelf

And if you missed the rest of August’s topics, they are:

21st August: book buddies (things that keep your books company)
28th August: a textbook, or a book you bought for class


Additionally, you may have noticed that I have redesigned the graphics for my blog. I’m not completely happy with it though,  I would appreciate any feedback on the design!

6 thoughts on “Exploring My Books Update & More

  1. I’m loving the new blog look (and display photo of yourself), Shannon! 😀 Blue is still my favorite color (as you probably could tell), but purple is really lovely. I also love that you and Victoria are co-hosting this meme. I love this meme as much as you do. I haven’t been doing it since Victoria’s trip to America. But I’ll try to catch up!

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